As if living in an auditorium floating between the role of performer or audience member, we are often presented with the opportunity for real-time reflection

A few weeks ago, I got my morning coffee from the nearby shop and I fumbled the cold brew, it spun in mid-air like the wheel of fortune. I spun it 3 times in slow motion while I perfectly balanced a hot coffee in my other hand like a stabilization mount for a GoPro (wife’s coffee wasn’t going down). I was laughing hysterically the whole time. After my left hand won the juggling tournament, I turned around and celebrated by ordering it another.

Lots of life lessons in the above.

So, I went through the motions today (cold brew in…

Put yourself and organization to the test, and see if you really know your customers.

It can be difficult to understand your customer as you scale, the larger the business, the less personal the relationships. Unfortunately, the processes that allow us to scale, replace the human connection for efficiency, and there comes a point where this simple question becomes difficult to answer: “Who is my customer?”

To see how far off you are, you should try and answer three questions:

  1. Who is my customer?
  2. What customer do I want?
  3. Is my customer who I thought?

In a perfect world, who your customer is and who you want your customer to be should be the same…

In Bern, Switzerland, a young patent clerk changed the way we think about the universe; his name was Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein stumbled upon his special theory of relativity by staring at a clock, known as the Zytglogge in Bern, Switzerland on his way home from work in a streetcar.

Describing the story when Albert Einstein found a moment of clarity on his decades-long quest to solve a scientific paradox isn’t the goal, instead, let’s meditate on the space that allowed clarity to present itself.

We’ll explore two hypotheses around the subject that you can test which aim to define what we can do to create the space for innovation, the hypotheses are called voiding and waves.

Each hypothesis is…

What is more critical, timeliness and quantity or relevancy and quality?

All four are essential, but all things are not made equal.

It is far more critical to focus on relevancy and quality before you even consider timeliness and quantity. It’s called substance, and we’ve got very little of it.

Now, if you are a proponent of agile testing and old school SEO, you’ve probably shut me out but don’t!

Substance seems to be the missing element of the vast majority of content curated digitally. It’s as if we’ve stopped caring about quality and relevancy because digital content production is a low-cost inbound marketing tactic in the digital space; an absolute…

Protecting the intangibles of an organization requires monitoring, promoting, suppressing, and recovering.

In 2010, Telsa received a federal loan worth $465 million, and Elon Musk prioritized the payback of this loan, paying back the entire loan nine years ahead of schedule. Why? Reputation.

Tesla realized (albeit, slowly) that the market optics of such a loan was creating more damage than not, and the decision to pay back the loan was prioritized to minimize damage to Tesla’s reputation.

The reality is that all organizations have a reputation to uphold, and different organizations require specific strategies and tactics to maintain, improve, or mitigate influences on that reputation.

Reputation management is the point of truth…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) requires a robust toolkit of capabilities both technical and creative, but one of the most common skills missing from the modern tactician is the strategy behind it all.

Many organizations engage with SEO after an executive says “We need to rank #1 in Google”, the job of the SEO is to take that statement and participate in a more strategic investigation of the needs of the business, brand, and digital property.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO is more than keywords, content curation, and high SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It’s a holistic approach that marries data analysis, testing, customer experience, content strategy, reputation, brand, and social management, technical decision making, and most importantly competitive analysis and market potential/viability.

It is imperative to convince the executive or business owner…

Web frameworks have a long list of pros and cons, but we often miss the most significant benefit.

Web frameworks are essential to the modern day application developer and having a deep understanding of frameworks allows us all the ability to select the most appropriate one to solve the problem.

At the core, web frameworks allow a development team to bootstrap a project rapidly without the heavy lifting of building a custom application from the ground-up. It doesn’t matter the language or the area of the application you work in; there is a framework that will get the pace of your project moving quickly.

Beyond all the simple benefits such as speed and capability, the most significant advantage…

Mentorship isn’t about a life-long relationship with a single influence guiding your path; it’s a collection of smaller interactions with many people throughout life.

“Are you looking for a brogue or wingtip?” I was 14 when I got my first job; I worked at The Bay Department Store selling shoes. It was amazing. I don’t recall it fondly because I enjoyed selling shoes, it was because of the people.

I would finish school, and head to the store for my shift and I’d look forward to spending hours with people who were making me better.

“I got this book for you.” It was the first time I had ever received a book from another person; there is something special about that moment. It’s a…

A mass of fluffy spun sugar, usually pink or blue, wrapped around a stick or a paper cone and found in boardrooms all over the world.

Cotton Candy Strategy is fluff, it gives people a certain rush but its value is zero, similarly to cotton candy, it has no substance. We’ve all experienced or are experiencing this mutation in our professional lives and it seems to be the result of filling unknowns with simplified knowns to mimic the appearance of completeness.

Ironically, the average cotton candy is the size of a football (American) yet its contents are equivalent to only 8 sugar cubes. It’s the appearance of volume.

Cotton Candy Strategy is a plague and it is easy to succumb to the temptations of generating and…

Technology has enabled the centralization of output for optimization but the future demands decentralization for more severe reasons.

Elon Musk was interviewed at the Code Conference in 2016 and was attempting to summarize a far-reaching thesis in which modern society will debate: The rules that govern the development of artificial intelligence.

Centralization has been at large since 221 BCE when the Qin dynasty unified China under a centralized empire. Centralization was the foundation of the industrial age and ushered in the near extinction of artisans.

In modern business, centralization is the control over production, distribution, and any other means of input via optimization and structure.

The concept of centralization invented by humanity is the forceful confine of structure…

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